Power your performance with energy insight.



Our Energy Insight solution offers unparalleled visibility into your entire energy estate by delivering a wide range of granular and actionable energy intelligence in real-time – including electricity, gas, heat, airflow, and water. Effectively and holistically analyse your energy data, manage consumption, reduce spend, improve operational efficiency, and prevent costly downtime with our complimentary energy management platform.

Benefits of energy insight & our expertise to deliver.

energy insight

Gain Insight

Gain a holistic view of how your business uses electricity with real-time, device-level monitoring. Integrate 3rd party meters and monitor heat, gas, air flow, and water in addition to electricity – in a single platform.

Manage Consumption

Manage energy consumption and reduce spend to drive new levels of operational efficiency and minimise waste.

Real Time Data

Use real energy data to make data-driven, informed decisions and justify investments.

Predictive Analysis

Reduce the risk of equipment failure with predictive analytics and sophisticated alerts
to ensure your business is ‘always on.’

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Electricity Sensors

Our non-invasive, self-powered electricity sensors are easily installed on your devices
and require no maintenance.


Our hardware can collect data from 3rd party meters – gas, heat, water, air – with pulse outputs.

Expert Analysis

Our team will provide you with a powerful way to understand and analyse your entire energy footprint.

Continuous Enhancements

Receive continuous support and energy enhancements thanks to our expert energy aftercare team.

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Our sensor technology is a market leader in cost and ease of installation, enabling rapid deployment across a facility with minimal disruption to your business operations. Understand and analyse your sensor and 3rd party meter data by using our energy monitoring platform.


Data Collection

We can facilitate the installation of non-intrusive electricity sensors –combined with your 3rd party utility meters for gas, heat, airflow, and water. This collects real-time energy data and analytics from your devices and equipment.


Data Monitoring

The sensors and 3rd party utility meters continuously collect data and deliver it in real-time to our energy management platform which displays accurate information about your energy usage, consumption, and shortfalls. This enables you to more accurately see where the organisation could be more efficient.


Analysis and action

Our energy management platform provides a powerful and simple way to understand and better manage your organisation’s energy estate. Use our advanced insights to plan and develop an informed, data-driven energy strategy.



Take a look at the wireless electricity sensors available for installation. Our energy sensors play an important role in gathering 




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Benefits of PAN-10 & PAN-12

  • Non-invasive – snaps and fits without disconnection
  • No maintenance; self-powered
  • High accuracy
  • Wireless – unlike standard CT-based monitoring systems
  • Real-time current data
  • transmitted every 10 seconds


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Benefits of PAN-14

  • High current sensor attaches to any size standard 0-5 A current transformer
  • Allows measurements at any current range or wire gauge
  • Plus all the benefits of PAN-10 and PAN-12



Benefits of PAN-42

  • Single, dual, or 3-phase metering
  • Accurate measurement of active and reactive power
  • Real-time monitoring of current, voltage, power, and power quality
  • Easily integrated with our energy management platform
  • Fast and easy installation



Actionable Energy Data

Our energy management and monitoring software will sit in the middle of your energy strategy. Giving your organisation a simple and informative way to visualise and take the necessary action based on energy data.

Visualisation Of Energy Estate

Capital Purchase

Track Energy Performance

Track the performance of your assets, individually and collectively at the site level.

View Energy Flow

View the energy flow across the facility down to device level.


View a heatmap of your energy usage.

The Power Of Benchmarking



How energy insight can support your organisation:

Comprehensively understand your entire energy estate

Gain complete visibility into how your equipment and operations consume energy with real-time, device-level monitoring of electricity.

Proactively manage energy consumption and reduce spend

Real-time visibility of power usage delivers energy intelligence that identifies inefficiencies and wastage in your current operations and enables proactive action to reduce costs.

Reduce the risk of device or equipment failure

Avoid costly downtime and extend the life of your equipment with predictive analytics
and sophisticated alerts with our energy management system.

Integrate 3rd party meters for a complete view of your energy

Our hardware can integrate with and collect real-time data from utility meters such as gas, heat, water, and air flow meters with pulse outputs, so you can manage a wide range of energy data in addition to your electricity in a single platform.



A simple 5-step process to understanding your energy estate in 5-steps.



Customise our Energy
Insight solution to your
specific needs and energy strategy. Our experts can help you define the best solution for your business.



Easily install our
sensors to your equipment with minimal disruption to your operations. These sensors will IoT-enable your equipment once they are connected to the network. Our support teams are available to assist with installation should you require it.



Easily install our
Follow our simple guides to
connect the sensor network
and your 3rd party meters to
your Wi-Fi (or cellular)
network, enabling the
transfer of real-time energy
data from the sensors and
meters to our integrated
and interactive energy
management platform.


Set up

Get set up on our energy management system which will sit at the heart of your energy strategy. You can share energy information with
your team, and ensure key
performance indicators
are in place.



Visualise your energy data, schedule reports, create real-time alerts, and view analytics to comprehensively understand your energy consumption, better manage your energy, and define savings and efficiency strategies.



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