Generate electricity by converting the power of the sun



Solar power enables you to generate your own electricity by using the power from the sun and converting it into electricity. This can be used directly on site to deliver a reliable, efficient source of energy at a predictable rate.

Benefits of solar

Solar energy generation lowers electricity cost and reduces reliance on the grid by generating onsite power.

By using solar panels to generate power organisations can better predict the cost of energy generation.

Solar power delivers a reliable energy source which is extremely efficient.

Solar power is a financially sound, affordable source of energy with 2 funding options.

Solar power is a sustainable source of renewable energy that is free of pollution and virtually silent.

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We will work with your organisation across all stages in order to meet the necessary requirements.

One of the main reasons for
choosing Solar is to reduce your electricity costs. To determine just how much money you could save depends on the suitability of your site.

We will:

• Discuss your goals in depth
• Review your site and electricity usage
• Perform a pricing and benefits analysis
• Present a short proposal

We conduct extensive research to confirm the initial scope, inspect electrical systems, and confirm the condition of your site. We then engineer a detailed structural and electrical design customised to your site and energy needs. We design a system layout, schematic and generation estimate.

When your solution is finalised by our engineering team,, we present you with your detailed solar proposal. We will show you the proposed design, funding options, and how much you can expect to save by installing solar on your site.

Our project managers will work with you to develop an installation plan so that we do not disrupt your business operations. Our team safely and efficiently installs the solar arrays on-site. We follow a site QA and commissioning process and perform compliance checks to ensure quality workmanship.

Following extensive testing, your Solar system is live and generating renewable energy. Monitoring, reporting, and data analysis are performed by our team.



A custom solution for your business. We have extensive experience in custom solar solutions that maximise energy production. Our team can provide the right solar solution for your business. We have options to meet every company’s specific needs and energy goals.

Rooftop Solar

Solar panels are mounted to the available solar optimal roof space of your facility.

solar power

Ground Mount Solar

Solar panels are installed in the ground either onsite or another location.



Safety is our number one priority:



System monitoring demonstrates our commitment to standing behind your organisation.

Your solar PV monitoring system provides enhanced PV performance monitoring through immediate fault detection and alerts at the module level, string level and system level. Optimising electricity generation and picking up any outages as soon as possible



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